1. fadetheory:

    I finally recorded a vocal/noise collaboration with Jonas. I’m so happy.

  2. Mini-Album-Review: Defenestration by Homemade Empire

    I recently downloaded the 3voor12 app so that I could listen to new albums while I worked. I had some big projects this week, so that means I listened to a lot of music. Most of it was forgettable or I didn’t like it, of course, but there are a few that I keep listening to.

    Defenestration by Homemade Empire is one of those albums. I hadn’t heard of Homemade Empire before, but it seems it’s the (mostly) solo work of Bart de Kroon, who is from Utrecht (The Netherlands). He cites Jackson C. Frank, Xela, Neil Young, Supersilent, Vic Chesnutt, Lee Hazlewood, Tim Hecker, Do Make Say Think, and Roy Orbison as influences. I can hear all that to an extent, but I also hear a little bit Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and even Tunng (minus the electro parts, plus this is just one guy vs a band of… six? seven?). I digress. It’s a nice, mellow listen. A quiet album. It probably won’t top any “best of” lists this year, but it’s a dependably pleasant listen that I’ll keep returning to.

    Click here to listen to the whole album on Bandcamp.

  3. Mini-Album-Review: The Bony King of Nowhere by The Bony King of Nowhere

    This summer while visiting Belgium, a song came on Studio Brussel that made me pause and listen. “Who is this?,” I asked my boyfriend. “The Bony King of Nowhere. He’s from Ghent,” he replied. So when I saw his new album pop up on 3voor12, I already knew I wanted to give it a listen.

    The Bony King of Nowhere is a solo endeavor from Bram Vanparys. The album is self-titled, though it’s his third album (excluding the film score he wrote). It’s possible that I like this one so much because the weather is right. It’s a very mellow album, which seems to fit with the low temps and snow outside. I’m in hibernation mode, and this album is keeping me company. I’ve listened to it five times so far and I don’t think I’m going to tire of it soon. Sometimes I hum with it. Sometimes I stop and think about his lyrics. He reminds me (dare I say it?) of Nick Drake. And Bram is 25/26, which is how old Drake was when he died. (Hey, today is the day after Halloween. I feel like death talk is still acceptable for a couple more days.)

    Creepiness coincidences aside, I think you should give the album a listen. Click here to listen to it stream for free over at 3voor12.

  4. Diagonally Talking Echo by Dustin Wong (of Ponytail fame).

  5. Han Bennink and Jaak Sooäär. Crazy then calm.

  6. Some of you will be like “WTF?” and the rest of you will get it. I love this.

  7. Listen to and download the new Ahleuchatistas album, Location Location, at their Bandcamp page. If you’re not familiar, they’re one of my favorite avant/experimental bands. Two instruments, guitar and drums, played by two masterful musicians. But more than just obvious skill, these guys are moving music forward.